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Traditional Crew Aran Sweater , Army Green

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Traditional Crew Aran Sweater , Army Green

Sale price€59.99
  • A traditional unisex crew neck aran sweater in army green
  • A honeycomb stitch along the centre panel of the sweater
  • Cable stitching on either side of the centre which resemble fishermens ropes
  • A warm and cosy aran sweater to keep you warm in the winter
  • A practical wardrobe essential that will last you years
  • Code: 2514


This timeless Aran sweater tells a story of tradition through its intricate stitches. The honeycomb stitch runs down the center, representing the industriousness of the "working bee" and the arduous labor of a fisherman at sea. On either side, rows of Irish cable stitches resemble the fisherman's ropes, connecting him to the ocean. With its warmth, comfort, and functionality, this sweater is a must-have for the winter season.